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Proven Deer Attractant for Serious Deer Hunters to Harvest Bigger Bucks!

  • Air-activated Odorless Heat
  • Slow Release Up to 9 Hours
  • No Flame, No Batteries

HEATWAVE – Long Range, Slow-Release Dispense Technology

A Tactical Tool proven to fool the nose of Big Mature Deer by replicating the essence of a real deer for Up to 9 Hours – rain, snow, sleet or shine.

Big, Mature Bucks are seldom seen during daylight hours. Long-Range, Deep Penetrating HEATWAVE Technology gives the serious hunter the ability to penetrate thick cover and pull trophy deer out and into bow range during shooting hours.

HEATWAVE Tactical Kits include one VAPOR Magnetâ„¢ and one vial of premium, ATA-Approved urine.

The benefits of HEATWAVE technology by Tactical VAPORS can be best understood by comparing the aroma of Hot Coffee to that of Cold Coffee. Hot coffee brings out the rich, intoxicating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans – capable of quickly filling a room and down the hall — versus cold coffee. Hot Smells Better and Travels Farther.

Air-Activated, odorless heat is injected into saturated pads of premium natural or synthetic urine — energizing and continually launching millions of buck busting pheromones into the prevailing winds – propelling them further and faster – penetrating the thickest cover – tantalizing the nose of the most discerning and cautious buck – communicating and replicating the safety and opportunity associated with a real deer.

HEATWAVE Long-Range, Slow-Release technology is a tactical tool. Use the wind to your advantage and project the illusion of a hot doe or intruding buck deep into thickets, cat tails, or fields of standing corn — attracting and calling big bucks out of their secure daytime sanctuaries – right to your stand.
Depending on diet and health, a deer’s natural body temperature varies between 102 to 105F.

Thermal imagery validates the simple, yet remarkably effective HEATWAVE technology by Tactical VAPORS — replicating the body temperature and releasing the real scent profile of a whitetail deer into prevailing winds — across hill and valley — clearly communicating safety and opportunity — for up to 9 hours.

Real Deer rely on the senses of other Real Deer for Survival. Creating the Perfect 3 Sensory Illusion of Sight-Sounds-Smell has never been easier or more effective. Increase your odds and Hang a VAPOR MagnetTM on a decoy, mix in a Flextone grunt with an antler tickle. Guaranteed to redefine the way you hunt.

HEATWAVE Tactical Kits are easy to use. Open the bag allowing the VAPOR MagnetTM to begin warming – replicating the body temperature of a real deer. Pour the included urine vial slowly into the two side slots – saturating the proprietary, and highly-engineered pheromone launch pads.
After use, place the VAPOR MagnetTM back into the zip seal package and discard.

HEATWAVE – Long Range, Slow Release Dispense Technology – exclusively by Tactical VAPORS. Long-Range Attractants Penetrate heavy cover better and harvest Bigger Deer. Increase your odds with HEATWAVE technology on your next hunt.

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