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Synthetic Doe-N-Heat Kit

Launching Fall 2020

Replicate natural urine with Tactical VAPOR’s new, proprietary SYNTHETIC Urine.

Trophy Bucks are survival machines and know the difference between cold, curiosity scents and real deer when scent checking.

Use the Doe-N-Heat VAPOR Magnet™ as soon as bucks begin to chase tail-wagging does and trail cams pick up increased activity. This typically occurs two weeks prior to, and well through, the peak of the rut in your geographic area, as not all does will come in or go out of estrus at the same time.

The VAPOR Magnet™ with exclusive HEATWAVE Technology is activated by the air and begins to warm immediately upon opening the bag – continuously releasing and replicating the body temperature and scent profile of a real hot doe for up to 9 hours – rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

Not Refillable.



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