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Deer Predator



Redirect More Deer Your Direction – For Up to 9 Hours
Strategically funnel and direct deer away from an area and closer to your stand.

HEATWAVE® Dispense Technology – Long Range. Slow Release.
Odorless, air-activated heat propels predator scent molecules farther, increasing your odds of diverting a Big Buck in your direction

Proprietary Heated Dispenser with 1 Fluid Ounce Bottle

Usage Suggestions

Leverage the proven benefits of HEATWAVE® Dispense Technology by creating a sensory barrier that works by replicating a predator’s scent profile increasing the odds of blocking known field entrances or exit routes – forcing Big Bucks closer.

Ideal for use when hunting large tracts of land.

The HEATWAVE® Magnet is air activated and begins to warm immediately upon opening the bag – continuously releasing predator molecules for up to 9 hours – rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

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