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Buck-N-Rut Calming Kit

Natural Urine


Replicate Nature’s Safety Signal – For Up to 9 Hours
Deer trust and rely on the aroma of a fresh excretion for survival as deer will only urinate when they have determined an area to be safe and secure.

Attract, Calm, and Hold Big Bucks Better!
Replicate this critical moment in time by gently warming fresh ATA-Approved urine – Rain, Snow, Sleet, or Shine.

HEATWAVE® Calming Kits – Release the Right Scent at the Right Time without Cross-Contamination.
Create the Perfect Illusion when paired with a decoy and call.

Proprietary Heated Dispenser with 1 Fluid Ounce Urine Bottle
Active Oxygen Stabilization. Fresher Urine. Better Results.

Usage Suggestions

It takes more than cold, curiosity scents to pull a Monster Buck from Heavy Cover.

Buck-N-Rut is an exceptional transition attractant leading up to the rut as buck aggression continues to build causing increased competitiveness and itching for a challenge.

HEATWAVE® Calming Kits are air activated and begin to warm immediately upon opening the bag – continuously releasing the body temperature and real scent profile of an Intruding Buck for up to 9 hours – rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

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