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– Replicate Nature –
Attract, Calm, and Hold
Big Game Better!™

What We Do:

Replicate Nature’s Safety Signal

Create the Presence & Secrity of a Real Deer by Gently Warming fresh Urine for Up to 9 Hours – Rain, Snow, Sleet, or Shine

Release the Right Scent at the Right Time Without Cross-Contamination

Create the Perfect Three Sensory Illusion When Paired with a Decoy and Mouth Call.

Why We Do:

Big Game Trust, Rely, and Monitor the Aroma of Fresh Excretions for Survival.

Big game Will Only Urinate When They Have Determined an Area to be Safe and Secure

Recreating this Moment in Time Gives the Ability to
Attract, Calm, and Hold Big Game Better!

Whitetail Deer – Natural Urine

Whitetail Deer – Synthetic Urine

Whitetail Deer – Stabilized Urine

Food Based Synthetics

Bear – Natural & Synthetic

Whitetail – Gold Reserve – 2020 Rut

Collection/shipping can begin first week in November

Available at Retailers Everywhere

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